Карьера ЧаВо Клиентам

Smart Safes

Do you want to make cash collection in your business a much simpler and understandable process for every employee? Take care of a smart cash collection safe — this innovative solution will allow you to make your cash collection process more simple, flexible and will save your time and natural resources.

EUROCASH1 provides an opportunity to conveniently purchase or rent a smart safe, a service that will make your business routine much simpler. After integrating this device in your business, you can choose the cash collection time yourself, cash collection can be performed multiple times a day and every cashier at your business can do it, which makes the issue of working schedules significantly easier.

Cash placed in a smart safe becomes our full responsibility and is covered by CIT’s cash insurance. The amount is automatically transferred to your bank account no later than the next business day, making the process faster and easier. EUROCASH1 offers smart safes of various sizes, so you can choose according to your business needs. By choosing this collection method, natural resources are conserved — collectors come to take money from the safe only when it is full, thus saving resources, making fewer trips and reducing the overall CO2 footprint.

Do you want to know more about smart safes and their application to your business? Leave your contacts and our experts will contact you.